METLAB Research Programmes 

The primary objective of our research activities is to establish METLAB as an important centre for the development of research methods and research capacity.  It is the interaction between our three core values of truth, justice and freedom which provide the intellectual space for open dialogue and the exchange of ideas that we regard as crucial to the successful achievement of our founding purpose. These values are also at the forefront of all our thematic research programmes. Our research programmes strive to serve a number of audiences and to promote participation, involvement and discussion both within and beyond the academy.  As an outcome of our programmes, we organise  workshops, seminars, conferences and public lectures. 

In 2017 have one funding round open for themed projects up to CHF70,000 (each). 

Projects 2017 - 2020:

Ethnographies of Work (distribution workers in the digital age)

Publications (TBC)

Seeing Workers in the Unseen City (exposures in unseen architecture) 

Publications (TBC)

Technologies of the "selfie" (digital panopticism)

Publications (TBC)

Research Funding – Initial Application

The first step in applying to METLAB for research funding requires applicants to submit an Initial Application. This comprises a short document (3-5 pages) identifying the research programme in question and your proposal for work supporting the research theme.  We are only able to accept applications in English.

All projects under the programme are encouraged to draw up and implement plans for international research cooperation. As far as possible, all projects should incorporate international partners, participation in international networks and stays at research institutions abroad during the project period

The purpose of an initial application is for applicants to demonstrate how their proposed research project fits with METLABs broad aims and the objectives of the programme. Your initial application will be reviewed by our research committee. The application process is highly selective and competitive. You should hear back from us within 4-6 weeks of submitting your initial application as to whether you progress to the next stage.

You should submit your proposal using the Initial Application form. For current projects (2017 – 2020) the form will be available in early April 2017.