Our online courses are designed to be engaging, interesting, informative, and above all, interactive. Distance learning takes place at a time and pace that is convenient for you. All of your coursework, class discussions and group projects take place in an online environment which is 'asynchronous'. There are no fixed lecture times, the classroom is always open and you don’t need to synchronise your study with anyone else. You can interact with your instructors and fellow students whenever and wherever you want. Each course has a start and a completion date, but within this period, you manage your studies as fits your needs. Our course materials are designed specifically so that you can study a METLAB course anywhere in the world.  All you need is a computer and access to the internet.  So there’s no need to come to Switzerland to complete your course. Students studying on our online programmes also have the option of participating in a one week face-to-face residency. 


  • Taking one of our online courses means that you study at your own pace and at any time or place. 
  • 24/7 access to your learning materials whenever and wherever you are, so that you can fit your studies around your lifestyle and commitments.
  • You can access your course resources, discussions and stay up to date with announcements and course information on the move with the smartphones and tablets.


Our online courses offer considerable savings on campus based courses


Our online courses meet the same rigorous quality standards as you might expect from on-campus courses.   

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE):

Our online courses are offered through an innovative Learning Management System which includes: Personal Profile Page (social e-portfolio), Post Poll, Chat, Quizzes, Tasks, Events, Email, Gradebook, Course Roster, and Dropbox within a social networking framework.

With an online course you can:

  • fit your studies around work or family commitments 
  • study whenever and wherever you choose
  • put new knowledge and skills into practice immediately
  • share sector experiences and best practice with fellow students
  • develop relationships around the world with people in your field

So why not get started right away. Apply for one of our online programmes today. 

Academic Support:

Our experienced native English speaking advisers can assist you to improve your work and to get the most from your studies. All METLAB on-line courses include academic support in order to assist students achieve the learning outcomes of their chosen programme.