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Diploma in Management

Our Management Diploma course provides you with a broad foundation in business and helps you develop skills across a number of business disciplines to complement your existing skills and prepare for a career in business. This course is delivered fully online meaning you can study at a pace and place that suits you. Course content is organised around the following core modules:

Managing Business Operations 
This module aims to introduce learners to key aspects of business within the wider business environment. Learners will explore the important business areas of finance, customer service, planning, decision making and operational control.

Resources for Business Success 
This module aims to ensure learners understand the range of resources businesses need, why this must be monitored and how this can be achieved through technology and other project management tools

The Business Environment 
An introduction to all aspects of that external environment and how an organisation may choose to ‘position itself’ through marketing or its ethical image and the impact of culture on organisations.

Managing People in Organisations 
People are often considered to be the most important resource in any organisation. This unit aims to give learners the knowledge and understanding about recruitment, performance management and development.

Working in Teams 
Good teamwork creates synergy within an organisation. This unit introduces the learner to the skills of teamwork- learners will explore the features of an effective team, motivation and leadership and the importance of delegating, influencing and developing excellent interpersonal skills.

Effective Business Communications 
Good communication skills are critical to all those working in business. This unit explores the written and oral skills that are needed in a variety of business contexts.

On completion of the course you’ll be well placed to seek employment with a range of private, public and third sector employers. You may wish to combine your Business Management with a specialist theme as listed below:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management


The programme is open to all students with the required level of English sufficient to successfully engage with the academic requirements of the course. Please refer to our programme page for details of specific admission criteria. The programme requires that you have the ability to:

  • write accurately, clearly and concisely
  • read large quantities of text accurately and critically
  • argue logically, consistently and skeptically
  • organize evidence to support a logical argument.



Students are assessed at the end of each module. Various forms of assessment are used across the modules. The pass mark for each module is 60%. Any student who fails an assessment will be entitled to ONE resubmission. The table below provides brief guidance on the general criteria used to assess submitted work. Specific advice on individual modules’ assessment will be supplied by the module coordinators. All assessed work will be double-marked before a grade is awarded.


Grade %



   Truly  Exceptional -  outstanding demonstration of learning outcomes    


   Excellent   - excellent demonstration of learning outcomes    


   Good   - comprehensive demonstration of learning outcomes   


   Satisfactory   - generally satisfactory demonstration of learning outcomes   


   Unsatisfactory   - generally unsatisfactory demonstration of learning outcomes    


   Poor   - poor performance in learning outcomes  


   Very weak   - very weak performance in learning outcomes   


   No  work submitted for assessment   

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