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Researching Luxury Brands provides students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to design and conduct research projects in, or relating to, the luxury sector. The programme comprises a broad range of taught modules, as well as the opportunity to gain experience of the luxury sector in Switzerland through engagements with some of the most famous luxury brands. Students will gain an in-depth knowledge of the structure of the luxury goods market, and will develop appropriate techniques for the effective analysis and evaluation of consumer behavior relative to luxury goods and services. 

On successful completion of the programme you should be able to:

  • critically assess the methods by which luxury brands are marketed and promoted
  • evaluate the nature and scale of brand management in the luxury goods sector  
  • understand a range of relevant methodological and ethical issues in relation to the luxury sector
  • deploy relevant research skills to address identified questions/problems (transferable skills)
  • conduct and evaluate research in academic, commercial or professional environments.



Semester 1




Contemporary Issues in Luxury

Researching Luxury Products


Developing Luxury Brands


Researching the Luxury Consumer 

Marketing Luxury Products


There are no formal entry requirements for the course. However, you should have the ability to:

  •  write accurately, clearly and concisely
  •  read text accurately and critically
  •  argue logically, consistently and skeptically
  •  organize evidence to support a logical argument.



Researching Luxury Brands will equip you with key skills directly relevant to careers in the luxury brands sector. The course is particularly relevant to careers in product development, retailing, visual merchandising and marketing in the luxury sector. You will also develop a range of transferable skills – including the ability to work independently, communicate clearly, and analyse complex information – that will be valued by employers in both public and private sectors.


Students are assessed at the end of each module. Various forms of assessment are used across the modules. The pass mark for each module is 60%. Any student who fails an assessment will be entitled to ONE re-submission. 


The fee for this programme is CHF1,200.00


For further information, or to apply for a place on the programme please email: