The Research Methods Laboratory    


The Research Methods Laboratory (METLAB) is an independent non-profit academic research institution based in Switzerland. 

METLAB is dedicated to furthering knowledge and advancing understanding through its expertise, education programs and institutional collaborations.  Our activities are organised within a matrix of teaching and research seminars, workshops, international collaboration, conferences and publications. We have established a wide range of relationships with public, private and third sector organisations across the globe. 

METLAB offers a forum for research through our annual conference, publications and other services to the academy. We value collaboration as a key aspect of our academic strategy, and recognize the benefits of such collaboration, both to our institution and to our partner institutions and the community. 

Our aims:

In the context of current debate and concern relating to the role and future of the academy in society, METLAB seeks to inform current understanding of contemporary approaches to research problems/questions within an open 'post disciplinary' environment.

We strive to achieve our aims through:

  • Producing and utilizing evidence to inform understanding and underpin action among client groups;
  • Increasing the capacity of communities to engage in research relating to identified problems/issues;
  • Facilitating the dissemination of findings in an accessible form to both policy and research communities, as well as to the broader public;
  • Working with communities and institutions to assess needs, challenge inequalities and deliver positive outcomes.